Monday, April 16, 2007

Bad bad Blogger... but I have done a race!

I have been neglecting to blog, because I have been procrastinating over other things such as...

  • Cleaning the house from top to toe
  • Spending approximately 10 hours a week at the gymn and teaching myself to do the Bow position in yoga!
  • Reading lots of books
  • Designing a wedding website (from a template obviously) for no other reason than I can
  • Reading lots and lots of blogs (living vicariously??) about people who are actually training
  • Running a 10k race without actually training and getting the results that I expected!
I have not been blogging or studying particularly although the buck stops here young lady!! I really need to change my title since the only thing I have done with a bike this year is get it our of the shed. However, I am currently fitter, slimmer and generally healthier than ever before. So it's all good really!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

7.5 Pounds Off!

Nothing like a wedding to focus your mind.

No alcohol and reduced carbs (especially in the evening) seems to be the key for me. I need to up the ante with exercise (starting in about 60 mins with an hour long cross trainer session and
a yoga class) but it's all going positively.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Like K's more than miles...

OK. I can run a mile, but I can run 3k! Any my entry form is going in for the 10k race on April 15th this weekend. 5k next Weds, which might kill me, but hey ho.

Exercise has been good and food has been great. Cutting out bread and limiting carbs in the evening seems to be responsible for my 2.5lb weight loss in a week. I am officially overweight rather than obese now (although my BMI was 30.1) and is now 29.5. Nothing like potentially having to wear a big white sack to get you focused.

I have also been loving flickr toys. I am trying to convince P that we should have a trashy wedding invite on a billboard. Awesome. I do think the whole Andy Warhol thing is cool in a slightly off beat way

He's not buying it. I think due to the fact we are getting married at the poshest place I have ever seen, where there be horses and helicopters, he's expecting the whole day to be classy.
I, on the other hand, am clearly so innately classy that filling the marquee with mirror balls and sparkly lights would just be perfect. Men should not be involved with wedding planning!

Anyway, my fitness blog has turned into a bridal rant, so off to do some abs.

Goal for the week- record my thoughts about how I genuinely am not hungry at the moment and something is clicking into place, so when sat on the sofa with bad tv, unable to motivate myself to go to the gymn, I can work out what happened.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bad Bad Blogger

The half carat solitaire would be why my blogging has been baaad and to be fair my plans to compete in triathlons this year have been shelved. I can't justify sepnding money on equipment when there is a wedding to save for!

However, the thought of floating down the aisle in a very dignified manner in a beautiful slightly off white dress (yeh right) in November has got me going to the gymn on a very regular basis, and it wouldn't suprise me if I ended up as fit at the end of it as I'd planned.

I'm still going to continue to blog about exercise and life in general (not weddings though- I've promised myself not to become a bridezilla) as it's good for keeping myself accountable.

I can confirm that between Barcelona and Berlin with Christmas in between I gained 6 pesky ponds of which 4 are goneand 4 are soon to be gone. Slow and steady is the way this year- balanced food and exercise.

I'm still trying.... just not tri- ing!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Not really a tri post

Funny.. I have spent barely any time at the gymn due to the dreadful weather, my dreadful workload and the amount of study I've had to do. However, I'm feeling good about life in general.

Back in November when I was putting myself under pressure with the lack of time, and the general lack of motivationI had, I read a post somewhere about the off season. Now I cannot strictly have an off season as I am not exactly an athlete, but when I realised that had been training towards goals since January, I decided to lighten up on myself. So I've had an off season and have been eating and drinking nice food, reading food blogs instead of Ironman and ultra running ones, socialising and lying in bed on cold dark mornings.

However, my off season ends on January 3rd (I come back from Berlin on January 2nd) and then theses extra 3 pounds will be off and I will be ready to go....!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

One big old incentive to get to the gymn!

I wonder how many chins Juliette Lewis has. I am quite clearly a rock chick waiting to happen

So... this is the off season (oh no, I didn't have an on season!)

I'm not sure how it's been an entire month since I've posted..... oh, there was the holiday in Barcelona (nice food, nice wine, lots and lots of walking), the period of sickness and then the period of study! Ooops, missed the exercise. I can't even say I'm tapering or anything, just plain lazy!

I need a new strategy. A strategy for when it's cold and dark at 4pm, cold and dark at 7am and my house is lovely and warm. I think I might have to dust of the home cross trainer (or remove the clothes currently hanging on it), embrace my inner home-bunny and get outside at the weekends when it's light. I don't exactly live in the ghetto, but it's not a great place to run in the dark, and there would certainly be no music.

I feel a bit better for putting my thoughts down. At least there's a semblance of a plan.

Food was bad. Now is good- I'm semi detoxing and have two really quiet weekends in a row where I've planned to get outside and walk. Hopefully I can get some of the boomerang pounds off (I would love to be 159 for Xmas, but that's not going to happen sitting on my bum!)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bad Asthma Day (Grrrr)

After my great run yesterday I've been dying to get out and pound the pavement today but something was missing. My legs felt like lead and I couldn't get breaths down to the depths of my lungs. I came home after a mile. I've found a local 5k on the 12th November as well and was feeling quite chirpy about entering and using this as a benchmark. I'm going spinning at 4:30 to try and make myself feel better.

Yesterday was a great day for procrastination and a bad day for study. I ran, went to the gymn and hit the cross trainer for a big hill, THEN went back at 8pm and swam a mile (goggles are a wonderful thins- does it make me an athlete that I now own a piece of sporting equipment?) I also internet shopped (La redoute, who do free returns so it won't matter if I send it all back) read a million blogs and dealt with the broken fridge freezer. Why do things choose to break when the Lovely BF is out of the country. I'm sure he thinks I do it for attention! So tomorrow will be dealing with the purchase of a new one (I've found a budget model for £170, but he's sure to want a SMEG or something)

This week's plans:

Monday- upper body weights and cross trainer
Tuesday- lower body weights and cross trainer (big hills)
Wednesday- swim and body combat
Thursday- upper body weights and cross trainer
Friday- lower body weights and spinning
Saturday- body combat and swim
Sunday- try and convince Lovely BF to take me for a run (and study!)

Down to 164. It would be lovely to drop 3 more pounds before Barcelona, but as I have two meals out this week t might be down to more luck than judgement.